Prayer Points

Praise God for: 

 A team that has pulled together while we were in the US.  They are working hard to meet and exceed the objectives set out in the renewal of the grant.

 For the openness of the new local governments to do their part in insuring that the objectives set out by the grant are met.

Please pray for:

– All of the staff traveling to their homes for this Christmas season.

 The family of Mama Beye.  She died on the 14th of December.  Some of you might recall us talking about her.  She was our first foster mother and managed the orphan program during the two year pilot project and a member of GECHAAN’s board of trustees.  As she and Art were walking in the village, they came upon a house that had five children alone.  When asked where their parents were, they pointed to two graves in the backyard.  She went home, took off her mourning clothes she was wearing because of her husband death and brought those children to her own house declaring that those children were hers.  She will be missed us and by many in the community.

Prayer Points

Prayer Points 1. Please pray for the scaling up process associated with the renewal of the USAID grant. It means an incredible amount of work and commitment to reach the goals. 2. The work is in an expansion process and we need prayer for wisdom in hiring the additional qualified staff in these areas. 3.… Continue Reading