There is an urgent need for “Rapid Response” resources for emergencies such as:

  • When an HIV/AIDS positive mother dies in childbirth with no one available to receive the newborn infant. GECHAAN supplies infant formula, clothing, blankets, and mosquito nets to help the child survive.
  • Doctors may suggest parents or caregivers remain in Gembu so their children can be monitored daily. Most of the patients do not have money for lodging or food during such times. In situations like this someone has to respond in order to prevent a larger tragedy.
  • When a leading member of a family passes away, the family is in need of funding to bury their loved one and provide the culturally required feeding following the funeral. The expenses of caring for HIV/AIDS patients usually creates a financial crisis. Typically the response from GECHAAN is held to a minimum in order to preserve the dignity of those who are grieving.
  • GECHAAN has grown quickly with new opportunities to make a difference coming our way. Unless there is some preparation made to accommodate such events, the work will unfortunately be unable to retain a unique and respected reputation.

Contributions should be sent to:

CONVERGE Worldwide

20002 S. Arlington Heights Road

Arlington Heights, IL 60005

*Account number 530131*

Statement About Short-term Missions Opportunities

While GECHAAN enjoys receiving STM personnel, there are a number of factors to consider prior confirming any plans. The most difficult aspect of accommodating short-term groups is effectively evaluating the realities of compromised security. The level of anticipated danger is reduced with cooperation from federal and state government security agencies.